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Ça va où?


Redesign of the "Ça va où? " application aiming at improving the user experience, to add new educational content as well as to unify the code of mobile and web platforms thus to simplify the updating process.


UI/UX design, development of the application in Flutter for android, IOS and web, redesign of the API and development of the content manager.




Context of the project

With the mission of bringing the province of Québec to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover residual materials into a circular economy perspective and the fight against climate change. RECYC-QUÉBEC must find a way to encourage consumers to recycle. Despite investments in sorting, transformation and recovery centres, if the population is not encouraged to recycle, nothing will happen!
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New design

New design allows product search as well as intuitive navigation to guide and inform users about sorting instructions and some tips and tricks related to food waste.

How to dispose of a product

Redesign of the user assistance function in order to identify the process of disposing of a product according to its nature and the geolocation of this user.

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Automatic geolocation

Allows the identification of sorting and recovery centers near the user by integrating the Google mapping function; opening hours and contact details give the application even more depth.


  • Unification of the user experience on all platforms (Android, IOS and web) substantially reducing the time required to publish an application update.

  • Redesigned search assistance and geolocation functions to simplify navigation

  • The user easily finds the answers and guides to optimize the recycling and recovery of products and stimulate social eco-responsibility.