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Montreal Auto Show

The project

Enhance your experience during your visit to the Montreal Auto Show. Provide visitors with the information they need to make the most of their visit, all while having fun.


UI/UX design, Flutter application development for Android and iOS, and a web-based CMS for managing the application's content, offers, and contests.

CLIENT Montreal Auto show

Project context

Our team has developed a platform that offers a personalized experience for any type of event in just 3.5 months. The initial version of the platform was used to provide a new experience for visitors at the show, one of Canada's largest automotive exhibitions.

The platform allowed exhibitors to directly engage with visitors by offering relevant content, offers, and contests. This enabled a better understanding of visitor interests, generating valuable insights for the event organizer and exhibitors. Visitors were able to enjoy a privileged and seamless access tailored to their interests. This will help the overall experience for future years by gaining a deeper understanding of the visitors. We are proud to have contributed to the success of the Salon de l'auto and will continue to provide innovative solutions.


Information about the products

A strategy to directly provide visitors with additional information about the products and track their interest in specific items. This allows for a better understanding of potential customers' behavior and effectively targeting them at the right moment.


The exhibitor has the ability to define a specific offer for the point of interest. By doing so, potential customers indicate their interest in this particular offer. By capturing this information, you gain insight into the quality of your interaction with potential clients. The offer can be anything, ranging from a direct discount to a personalized test drive, as proposed in the example.


Pre-Salon User Engagement 

By creating a pre-salon experience, we can engage application users before the show by offering them a fun and interactive experience, while also granting them possible privileges for a VIP event.


  • An enhanced experience for Salon visitors.

  • Memory aid functions and improved visitor engagement while shopping.

  • A better understanding of visitors' interests.